IEEE MUJ 2020 Workshop — How to Google Summer of Code?

I recently did a presentation on GSoC which was organised by a remarkable student branch in Manipal University Jaipur... and no I’m not talking about MUJ-ACM!

This was my first off the cuff presentation. I prepared the slides two hours before the event. I think it went okay-ish. Excluding of course in the start where Projector decided it would die in a fire rather than showing my slides.

Hopefully the attendees took something from the presentation that they can use to start their open-source journey, or at least in understanding what Google Summer of Code really is.

Some points I touched up were,

  • Why? - Why does GSoC matters?
    Just keeping up with the Johas/Sharmas, $$$ or something else?

  • 16th March wait, isn't that too late?
    Yea. You can leave this presentation right now, or ...

  • Maybe it's late, or maybe not, who knows.
    And even if it is, it's your chance to explore the process in close proximity so you're ready to kickass next year.

  • And for those who are preparing for months, this presentation may help you put cheery on top because, I'm sharing my GSoC presentation and couple of my remote friends.

  • So, there, you have it. Go and fall in love with open source <3

The slides for the presentation are now online (see below), and the video will be uploaded as soon as IEEE MUJ finishes the post-production.

As always, feedback on the talk, the idea and anything else is gratefully received.